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Biography  D. F. Dutkowski

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Graduated Kitsilano High School in Vancouver, B.C.
 Then attended The Vancouver School Of  Arts.
 A Graduate of Kalbfus (Kodak) College,  Rochester, New York.
Graduate of The Gospel Ministry Institute, Monticello Georgia, U.S.A.

An Invited  member of The Royal Photographic Society, and a member of
The Photographic Society of America.  He exhibited his works in Exhibitions and
Salons in the United States, Mexico, Belgium, England, Germany, and in Switzerland.

Don became a Professional Photographer in  1951 and was a founding member of
The ProfessionalPhotographic Association of British Columbia.
 As a P.P.A.B.C. he lectured his peers at seminars.

Don became a "World Class" photographer, meaning he was willing to travel anywhere.
In his travels he visited and recorded events and views at Speakers' Corner
(Hyde Park) London England; Rembrandt  Square in Amsterdam, Holland;
 The Tokyo Tower-Tokyo Japan; as well as in Zurich, Dusseldorf, Homburg,
Hong-Kong, Macao, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the Spanish Costa-del-Sol,
(El Hambra), Madrid, Paris, Milan, Rome and the Vatican City.
 He has also visited most of  the states in the United States of America and
all of the provinces in Canada.

During his "roving" career he fulfilled assignments for the corporate
head offices of; Texaco Canada Ltd., Mr. Build (Canada) Ltd., Phillip Morris
 New York Inc., The Government of British Columbia, The Municipality of
Richmond, Delta Hotels Inc., The Co-Operators Insurance Services,
Mitsubishi Canada Ltd., A.C. Nielson Co. of Canada Ltd., Nielson U.S.A. Inc.,
 The Law Society of British Columbia, Ikea Canada, and Ebco Industries.
In 1970 he photographed Expo'70 for The 3M company of Canada.
In 1986 he photographed Expo, 86 for the Richmond News.
In 1990 he photographed The First International Conference of Very Special
Arts International and Saori Hand Weaving Collective in Japan.

Some of the notables he associated with, and photographed are; Danny Kaye,
Sammy Davis, Jimmy Durante, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Desmond,
Dave Brubeck, Frankie Laine, Ella Fitzgerald,  Sarah Vaughan, Prince Mara of Fiji,
Prime Minister Muldoon of New Zealand, H.R.H. The Aga Khan, World Model
Monica Schnarre,  Mother Teresa, Sheila Walsh, Buddy green, John Henderson,
Zig Zigler, and many others, both famous and infamous.

Dons images have appeared in all of the Vancouver lower mainland newspapers,
as well as on the covers of Beautiful B.C. Magazine, Western Living Magazine,
Mercury Publications, and in Furniture Today.  

Dutkowski Studios operated in the Richmond/Vancouver area for many years,
specializing in Fine Portraiture, Fashion, and Dance.

Don took time out from his photographic career to become a proficient
 winemaker and taster.  Indeed so much so that he was employed as a
writer on the subject for Western Living Magazine. He also wrote and
published a Canadian "best seller" in technical books. The title was
"Canadian Winemakers Guide".  For this, and other contributions to the wine
industry, in 1979, he was Knighted by The California Assemblage of The
 Universal Order of the Knights of the Vine.


Feeling a lack of "completeness in his life" Don enrolled in The Gospel
Ministry Institute at Monticello Georgia were he earned a ThB., a D.D., and
a Certificate of Competence in Pastoral Counseling.   His studies and
accomplishments satisfied his longing for academia.  At this time Don felt no
 need to utilize his new credentials.         There  was ~ "no calling" .

Don and his wife moved to Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada were he opened
Dutkowski Studios. The photographic career flourished, but after over ten years,
boredom finally set in.

He began an all new career, this time using the internet, as a Research Consultant
with  "Thinktank 2000".  "Finding the Answers to the Cause And Effects of World,
International. And National Events".  His fields of expertise being Religions,
Cults, and Secret Societies !   After a few months it became clear that the many
questions being asked were of a theological nature, and showed signs that the
person asking the questions was in mental distress.  Don abandoned
Thinktank 2000 and began a new web based location called Hope-Eternal.Com.

Don is still answering questions about Religions, Cults, and Secret Societies
but is now able to allow the inquirer to ask more questions, and to go deeper
in to the problem if one exists.   Don is now able to help the inquirer solve
the problem, or at least redirect the inquirer to someone who can.

By June of the year 2000 the web site developed
in to a world wide ministry.  Inquirers, and "the hurting" from across Canada,
 the U.S.A., England, Israel, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Egypt,
Thailand, Argentina, The Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, the Philippines, and many
other countries, have contacted Don Dutkowski at
with a myriad of inquiries.
  Each page has a "Yahoo Messenger" box that allows the viewer to interact with
Don at any time using his or her keyboard or voice.  When Don is not "on line" the
message is transferred to his E-mail so Don can return the communication
as soon as possible.


In the past years Don has returned to one of his fist lives - ART !
The Previous pages give an indication of his


You May View More ArtWorks by Don (Donaldo)
By Visiting His  Display Portfolio Web Site

 "Festina Lente"  ~  "Hurry Slowly".

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